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Exchanges and Returns

scope of law

Applicable law covers all goods and services sold or provided by suppliers, advertisers and merchants.

agents throughout the continent and in the free zones of the UAE. I Also covers products sold through e-commerce platforms

registered in the UAE. Meanwhile, the law does not apply to e-commerce activities carried out

between customers in the UAE and e-commerce companies registered outside the UAE.

Consumer rights

According to the law, UAE consumers have the following rights:

to provide a suitable and safe environment when purchasing a product or receiving a service

• to obtain correct information about the goods they buy, use or consume or the service they receive

• be informed of your rights and obligations

• has the right to choose the most suitable product and service available on the market accordingly

to their wishes

to obtain fair compensation for damages suffered as a result of the purchase or use of defective products

or receiving inappropriate or unprofessional services.

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